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LDH offers you 100 GB of Cloud Storage, for any and all types of files, you can choose the quantity as you create your subscription.

We offer versatile controls over whether your files are available to the public, or entirely private. You'll be able to switch your files availability from being public to private in an instant, after a set time expires or even when you stop playing a certain game on Steam.

Before each upload you'll be able to choose to have your files kept in a single location for regular data storage, or multiple locations enabling the use of LDH's CDN* for fast global downloads.

  • Either, the nearest location to you is automatically selected as main single storage, your files can be migrated to another location if you choose so.
  • Or, if you need the whole world to be able to download certain files at maximum speed your files will be uploaded to 7 secure locations around the world.
    • People use this for a wide variety of things, such as but not limited to, hosting; website assets: style sheets, JavaScript files, images, videos and so much more.
    • As well as a new generation of creative games that will also rely on fast delivery for external assets that can be imported by the players, to build and create or even have their own unique in-game characters.

*CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, this ensures the fastest possible downloading speeds, around the world, for you, your users, co-players, friends and family.

Technical Specification:

  • Up-/Download Speed: 1 Gbps (Burst Mode), even with multiple simultaneous active downloads.
  • Security: All Files are stored in encrypted locations, each user's locations are separated from the next user's, so, no mixing files of users and no sharing the same encryption.
  • CDN Enabled (optional): Using this feature while uploading your files, means they have to be uploaded to those 7 locations at the same time, so uploads will take a little longer.
    • How does this affect my Storage Space? Well, 7 locations mean 7 times the file size will be used from your available storage space. (Example: a 1 GB CDN Enabled file will use 7 GB.)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: LDH doesn't charge you for any of the in-/outbound bandwidth that your files utilize.